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Frequently Asked Questions

We answered the most frequenstly asked questions below.

Any remaining data from your current plan will be replaced by the data from the new plan upon purchase. You can add additional data to a plan using the "Add Data" feature located under the respective network tab on the Dashboard page.If you wish to upgrade your plan to a higher tier be sure to use any remaining data on your current plan first or it will be lost.

There is a chance the email may have been filtered improperly by your mail service provider. Check your Spam and Promotions folders.

As it stands we only accept debit and credit card payments. This is subject to change in the future.

All plans expire 30 days after purchase along with any unused data. Purchasing additional data does not extend a plans expiration date. A new plan should be purchased shortly before or right after the current plan expires to continue using our service.

After you purchase a plan under the network of your choice, you must create a zone with a name, quota, and expiration date. This can be done via the Zones page on our website. Be sure to select the appropriate network for your zone. You may then navigate to the Proxy Builder page to generate proxies under the newly created zone with the preferred format and type for your use case.

Open command prompt, then type "ping" and the host name. Do not include the port number. You can then take the resulting IP and replace the host name with it in the connection string.

We currently do not offer any free trials. We recommend purchasing our lower commitment plans to use for testing.

It all depends on your use case, there are many different ways to utilize proxies. They are generally used with proxy clients, web browsers, bot software, Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections, etc.

As of right now our proxies only work with HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

Our refund policy can be found inside of the Terms of Service at the bottom of our website.